The Coalition of Innovative School Districts (CISD) Act allows member districts to opt out of state laws, rules, and regulations in order to improve student achievement. Below you will find the laws, rules, and regulations which have been waived for member districts.

15.5.21 – Teacher Evaluation Exemption Request – Marysville Proposal

Waivers under consideration

  • Assessment options other than state assessments for accountability purposes
  • Licensure
  • Sixty day requirement for summative evaluations
  • College credit and/or dual credit offered by an out of state college

Approved Waivers

January 2015

CISD members have proposed to the USDOE that the CISD give state assessments in 2015 and 2016, then only every five years with the exception of focus and priority school districts.

November 2014

CISD members are allowed to use AdvancED instead of QPA accreditation.

November 2014

CISD members are allowed to pay for college tuition in areas that would be cost savings to them and cannot be provided otherwise.