Defining the Kansas Coalition of Innovative School Districts

Our Definition of Innovation as adapted from EdWeek

A product, process, strategy, or approach that improves significantly the status quo and reaches scale.

In terms of the Kansas Coalition of Innovative School Districts, we believe this means spreading our influence to other School Districts in Kansas and surrounding states.

Why is the Coalition important?

The Coalition empowers school districts by engaging in meaningful conversations about improving student learning, by taking purposeful risks to better serve all students in Kansas, and by collaborating with the State Board of Education and other education stakeholders.

Core Beliefs – Student success is effectively influenced by innovation.

As a Coalition, we strive to

  • Serve as a think tank
  • Cultivate key partnerships
  • Build bridges that span organizations for the betterment of all
  • Maintain openness to ideas
  • Identify the horizon, and be on the edge of change
  • Overcome resistance
  • Embrace change for betterment of student success


Act as purposeful risk takers to meet the needs of our diverse learners, by challenging the status quo


Challenge traditional thinking, construct brighter futures, through collegiality, with a focus on research based practice.