Kansas Coalition of Innovative School Districts (CISD): Creating Schools For The Future Of Kansas



The purpose of the designation of Innovative School Districts is to allow up to ten percent of the state’s school districts, at any one time, to opt out of most state laws and rules and regulations in order to improve student achievement.

House Bill 2319 authorizes a process where a local board of education may apply for authority to operate as a “public innovative school district.” The bill limits the number of public innovative school districts to no more than ten percent of the state’s school districts at any time. An additional 10% of school districts may become an innovative district as long as the district has either a Title I Focus school or a Title I Priority school as described by the State Board under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act Flexibility Waiver. In preparation for applying for Innovative District status, the applicant should carefully read House Bill 2319.

In order to apply to become an Innovative School District, the applicant should determine what state laws, rules, and/or regulations the district is requesting to be exempt from in order to achieve Innovative school District status.


On Monday, April 22, 2012 Kansas Governor Sam Brownback signed the Coalition Of Innovative School Districts bill into law. This law was crafted by educators in collaboration with legislators in response to educators’ desire to decide what was best for their students, and who felt they knew best how to accomplish their goals.


Educators often ask the question, “Why don’t they just get out of our way and just let us educate the kids?” This law allows up to 28 Kansas school districts to do just that.

But accountability does matter.  This law also allows participating districts to determine the evidence they will use to show growth.

This site is the home of the Kansas School Districts accepted into the Coalition Of Innovative School Districts.